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Fraulein Z is  'Smaakmaker' in Viva

Fraulein Z Viva Smaakmaker
Fraulein Z Smaakmaker - Viva March 2016

Book - Rotterdam in The House

Rotterdam in the House Ronald Tukker Fraulein Z
Rotterdam in The House Fraulein Z Ronald Tukker
Rotterdam in the House Ronald Tukker Fraulein Z Secret Cinema

Fraulein Z again in Tilllate Magazine!

Interview Fraulein Z in Tilllate Magazine
Tilllate Magazine October

For the second time this year Tilllate Magazine is featuring an article in its Magazine about the Rotterdam based Techno-Electro mistress Fraulein Z. Check out the October Magazine on, pages 20 & 21 (Carl Cox on the front cover!).

This time the cool article is about Fraulein Z's 5th new & impressive upcoming release ‘Zug nach Herr Zimmerman!’ - including The Horrorist remix, and some very cool background infos. Earlier this year Tilllate Magazine featured a 4 pages article about Fraulein Z and her Rotterdam based underground Techno-Electro label and extravagant techno club nights! 

Q & A Fraulein Z on Fraulein Z interview
interview fraulein z famemagazine

Rotterdam, Netherlands-based techno-electro mistress, Fraulein Z, releases ‘Zug nach Herr Zimmerman’ (The Train to Herr Zimmerman), her new massive techno tune composed & produced by herself via her own Dutch record label and infamous underground Herr Zimmerman parties…The release (out 20 October) also features a bass laden, ominous remix from underground New York artist, The Horrorist.

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Feature 'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman' on Trapstyle (LA, USA)

Trapstyle Fraulein Z interview The Horrorist Zug nach Herr Zimmerman

Fraulein Z Announces new single ‘Zug nach Herr Zimmerman’ on 20 October + Horrorist remix/Interview with The Horrorist

Electro mistress, Fraulein Z unleashes her brand new rave anthem, ‘Zug nach Herr Zimmerman’ (The Train to Herr Zimmerman) via her own imprint this October and is high octane, no holds barred homage to the infamous underground Herr Zimmerman parties. This 5th release on her own Herr Zimmerman label also features a bass laden, menacing remix from underground New York artist, The Horrorist...

Read the full article and interview with The Horrorist on Trapstyle.

Warmer Climes

Top 10 Fraulein Z Warmer Climes

WARMER MIXTAPES #1271 | by Fraulein Z

Curious to my special music top 10? Read it on Warmer Climes :-)

warmer climes fraulein z mixtapes top 10

Interview DJ Guide








Interview: Fraulein Z - 'Ik draai best wel harde techno en elektro'


Gepubliceerd: 7 maart 2014

Door: Martijn Maatkamp

Hoe zou je het imago van Fraulein Z in je eigen woorden omschrijven? 

Ik draai best wel harde techno en elektro. Dat is dus niet het standaardrepertoire wat je bij een vrouwelijke dj verwacht. Mijn stijl is best wel hard. Dansbare techno en elektro. M'n vriend met wie ik de Herr Zimmerman feesten organiseer gebruikt TanzMan als artiestennaam en ik ben dus Fraulein Z....


Lees het hele interview op DJ Guide 

Big interview in Tilllate Magazine

Fraulein Z in Tilllate
Fraulein Z in Tilllate

Tilllate Magazine interviews techno-electro DJ & producer, Fraulein Z, of the Dutch record label and extravagant underground techno club night Herr Zimmerman, about her hi - octane and no holds barred - dance music, with a hard edge! ;-).


Read the full Tilllate Magazine and 4 pages interview with Fraulein Z.

Interview Fraulein Z in Tilllate Magazine February-March 2014
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Fraulein Z in Metro Rotterdam

Interview Fraulein Z met Metro Rotterdam
Fraulein Z in Metro (Rotterdam)

Interview RTV Rijnmond